Our Sweets List
Just some of the sweets we have available are listed below. We have lots of other colour combinations available. Just ask!

We can also add cookies, popcorn, cupcakes, mini doughnuts, toffee apples, candy floss and nuts!

We have avaialble a range of sugar free, gluten free and vegan sweets - please email for more details.

Retro Themed

Black Jacks
Fruit Salads
Mini Refreshers
Drumstick Lollies
Cola Cubes (boiled sweet)
Mega Sour Cherry Balls (boiled sweet)
Pear Drops (boiled sweet)

Rhubarb and Custard (boiled sweet)
Pineapple Cubes (boiled sweet)
Alphabet Letters Hard Candy
Foam Bananas
Foam Shrimps
Candy Watches
Candy Necklaces
Dolly Mixture
Parma Violets
Love Hearts Mini Rolls
Cola Bottles
Gummy Bears
Wine Gums
Fruit Pastilles
Jelly Beans
Flying Saucers
Red and Black Liquorice Wheels
Liquorice Sticks
Loose Sherbet Powder (for lollipops or liquorice sticks)
Sherbet Lemons (boiled sweet)
Rainbow Sherbet Straws
Double Dips

Pink Themed


Strawberry Bon Bons
Vimto Bon Bons
Aniseed Twists (boiled sweet)
Cola Fizzballs (boiled sweet)
Mega Sour Cherry Balls (boiled sweet)
Rhubarb and Custard (boiled sweet)
Strawberries and Cream (boiled sweet)
Haribo Strawberry Pencils
Fizzy Ice Cream Pencils
Pink Candy Planks
Strawberry Fizzy Belts                          
Coconut Chips (sugar coated pink and white crunchy coconut)
Coconut Ice
Foam Ice Cream Cones
Foam Strawberry Mushrooms
Raspberry Shrimps (Foam)
Strawberry and Cream Tubes (Foam)
Pink and White Teeth (Foam)
Piggy Faces (Gummy)
Strawberry Milkshake Bottles
Haribo Giant Strawberries
Fizzy Peaches
Cherry Kisses (Gummy)
Sugar Eggs
Haribo Strawberries and Cream (foam)

Blue Themed


Gummy dolphins (blue)
Baby gummy dolphins (white and blue)
Mega Sour Raspberry Balls  (really, really sour!)
Raspberry Fizz Balls
Devon Toffee (blue and white)
Sour Raspberry Bon Bons
Bubblegum Pencils
Fox’s Glacier Mints
Milky Chew Bars (blue and white)
Bubblegum Flavour Lollipops
Chocolate Hearts

Rainbow Coloured


Giant Scary Snake (foam)
Rainbow Drops
Rainbow Belts
American Hard Gums
Dolly Mixture
Jelly Beans
Gummy Bears
Candy Necklaces
Fruit Shaped Crunchy Candies
Fruit Sherbets (boiled)
Fruit Pips (gums)
Jelly Babies
Fruit Fairy Satins (boiled sweet)
Fruit Jellies
Fruit Pastilles
Haribo Fruity Frogs
Haribo Friendship Rings
Haribo Rainbow Twists
Large Cable Marshmallows
Liquorice Allsorts
Multicoloured Mallow Mix
Mini Fruit Salad Gums
Wine Gums
Fizzy Wizzy Fruit Balls

Red Themed


Red Lips (gum)
Aniseed Twist (boiled sweet)
Berry Bites (gum)
Cherry Kisses (gum)
Blackberry and Raspberry Domes (gum)
Cherry Wheels
Chewits Strawberry Lasers
Cola Cubes (boiled sweet)
Cherry Cola Bottles (fizzy)
Mega Strawberries (fizzy)
Strawberry Pencils (chewy)
Haribo Heart Throbs
Juicy Lips (gum)
Sherbet Strawberries (boiled)
Sour Strawberry Bites (Chewy)
Stawberry and Cream (boiled)
Cherry Beans
Berwick Cockles (boiled)
Red Bullseyes
Fizzy Cola Balls (boiled sweet)

Ivory/White Sweets


White Chocolate Maltesers
White Marshmallows
Fried Eggs
Small Ivory Chocolate Mice
Almond Nougat
Coconut Logs
Coconut Mushrooms
Mint Imperials
Clotted Cream Bon Bons
Milk Bottles
Ivory Chocolate Dragees
Ivory Heart Dragees